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Emma’s biography

The Map of My Life: The Story of Emma Humphreys tells the remarkable story of Emma, whose struggle for justice left a legacy that continues today.

Convicted aged 17 of murder, Emma spent 10 years in prison before being released by the Court of Appeal in 1995. She was welcomed by hundreds of cheering supporters, her case having changed the law for battered women who kill. Emma’s tragic death, three years later, from an accidental overdose of prescribed medication, created shock waves for those who saw her as the ultimate survivor.

The story is told through Emma’s writings: her poems; letters from prison; and documents only discovered after her death, including diaries and a retrospective account written from Durham prison. These powerful writings document the life of an abused teenager in care, who became exploited into prostitution and beaten by her pimp/”boyfriend” to the point where she was driven to kill him.

Edited by Julie Bindel and Harriet Wistrich, key members of the campaign to free Emma Humphreys, with contributions from Beatrix Campbell, Judith Jones, Julie McNamara and Rosie Fitzharris. With a foreword by Vera Baird QC MP.

This is a story of survival through the most extreme adversity, and of a woman whose life we all should learn from.

All profits to the Emma Humphreys Memorial Prize Fund.

A reprint of the book is currently being organised.