Jessica Eaton – Individual Award Nominee – 2017

Jessica Eaton conducts research and campaigns around victim blaming targeted at women and girls who have experienced sexual violence. She blogs at and is a PhD researcher in the forensic psychology in victim blaming. She runs open-access events on victim blaming, self-blame, and the revictimisation of women and has been commissioned to write the […]

Zlakha Ahmed – Individual Award Nominee – 2016

Zlakha Ahmed is the founder and manager of Apna Haq, an organisation that provides support services to Muslim and Black women experiencing abuse. She is a community educator, trains magistrates on violence against women, and has campaigned on a broad range of issues, most recently raising awareness of Black and minority ethnic girls experiences of […]

Nusrat Zamir – Individual Award Nominee – 2016

Nusrat Zamir is the founder of the Chadwell Asian Women’s Network, a community group that educates and encourages discussion and support around women’s experiences of abuse. Nusrat has travelled with the Karma Nirvana roadshow, using her own experience of forced marriage to campaign for other women. She is undertaking a masters in law and her […]

Claire Heuchan – Individual Award Nominee – 2016

Claire Heuchan is a Black radical feminist and PhD candidate who campaigns for the rights of women, black and minority people, and lesbians. Claire’s work highlights the interactions between race and sex in shaping Black women’s experiences. She speaks at conferences and rallies, and her writing has appeared in French, Spanish, and Portuguese translations. Claire […]