The Haven Way – Group Award Nominee – 2013

The Haven Way is an offshoot of The Haven Wolverhampton. Female survivors of DV act as volunteers and peer mentors, providing support to service users in the Refuge. Recently they have expanded into campaigning, raising awareness of DV in the wider community through exhibitions, fundraising events, interviews with local media, and they have published a […]

Restored – Group Award Nominee – 2013

Restored is an international Christian alliance to transform relationships and end violence against women. They believe that Christian churches have huge potential to help prevent violence, but also need to change their own attitudes and practice. By working within the churches Restored reach people that might not otherwise be made to think about the issues. […]

Restored – Group Award Nominee – 2012

Restored’s vision is for communities, based on restored relationships, where women live free from violence and the fear of violence from men.  Restored is looking to create a global Christian alliance working to end violence against women, and a men’s movement within it, with a major focus on prevention. Restored has a passion to work […]