Women and Girls Network – Group Award Nominee – 2006

WAGN is a pan-London organization that has an 18-year history of providing high quality, women only services to survivors of violence and/or abuse. WAGN has developed one of the most pioneering clinical approaches to understanding the impact of violence and abuse on survivors from a holistic perspective. WAGN’s expertise is often consulted through its representation on policy forums and by its presentations at conferences, seminars and workshops. A most recent and exciting development that WAGN has initiated is a specialist pan-London counselling service for young women and girls overcoming the experiences of violence and abuse. The first phase will see the development of a London-wide Young Women’s Consultation Project on Violence and abuse. The key aims of the project is to establish a forum of young women who will be up-skilled to facilitate and organise a London-wide conference for their young female peers, so as to consult on the key areas of concern to them around violence and abuse and the support initiatives that they would like to see developed in the future. The forum members will be responsible to lead on post-conference summits with funders, commissioner, policy makers and planners to provide feedback on the young women’s experiences of violence and abuse in London. The organisation has made a commitment to working to develop the awareness-raising activists of tomorrow to bring about change and combat violence against women.

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