Winnie Li – Individual Award Nominee – 2015

Winnie M Li has worked tirelessly to radically reframe the discussion around rape and sexual violence across the UK. Stemming from her own experience of being raped in 2008 by a 15-year-old stranger in a park, Winnie focuses her writing and her advocacy on fundamental questions around sexual assault and violence: Why can’t we talk about rape productively, openly and calmly? Why does society assume survivors will feel ashamed? Why are there no visible safe spaces for victims to talk about their experiences? Why do we permit degradation and sexualisation of women in music, stories, television shows, movies, comedy and art? She has written on these topics for the Huffington Post, The Belfast Telegraph, The Irish News, and other publications. She co-founded and curated the UK’s first ever festival dedicated to talking about sexual assault and violence through the arts, has a forthcoming novel on the topic of rape and is undertaking a PhD on digital media and the public dialogue about rape.