UNIFEM in London – Group Award Nominee – 2006

Unifem in London is the local branch of the UK Association for the United Nations Development Fund for Women. In 2005 the group initiated the Voices project, which extends awareness of violence against women. Realising the power of stories, the group took first hand accounts from women in developing countries to highlight different forms of violence against women. The Voices project emphasises the damaging consequences of discrimination in society, and the connection with horrific crimes of violence against women. The project forms part of an annual programme of events, seminars and conferences to achieve wider education of public attitudes towards gender-based violence and human rights issues and consequent support for social change for women internationally. UNIFEM UK is a member based organisation with limited resources, and the London branch are seeking to continue the Voices campaign, having successfully produced a CD and inspired performances in various venues, including HE colleges and arts festivals.