Sonja Freebody – Individual Award Nominee – 2013

Sonja has worked for the Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre since 2001. She was initially employed for eight hours a week and has built the organisation up over the years. RASAC now has 5 paid employees and 70 volunteers.

Sonja frequently gives interviews with the local press to spread awareness of rape and fight victim blaming. She has established the RASAC magazine and is currently working to establish a National Survivors Day in 2014 – she has the support of 140 survivor organisations, prominent local figures in Surrey, and a member of the Royal Family.

In the past year she has engaged with The Challenge Network and has been working with young people, showing them around the Surrey Sexual Assault Referral Centre and the Guilford Crown Court, and explaining how they link to the work of RASAC. Many of these young people are now raising funds for RASAC through sponsored walks and charity events.