Sian Norris – Individual Award Nominee – 2015

Sian set up her blog in 2007. In the years since, she has used the blog to explore issues around cultural femicide, as well as issues relating to sexual and other male violence against women. Through her blog, Sian has challenged the narratives of victim blaming that leads to low conviction rates and low reporting rates of male violence. She has tackled head on safety campaigns launched by local and national police, challenged media narratives that place the blame for sexual violence on women and girls, and exposed the necessity of looking at violence against women and girls as a gendered issue, rather than a gender neutral one.  

Sian uses her blog to launch wider campaigns. In 2010 she gathered signatures for a letter challenging cuts to domestic abuse services that was then sent to Theresa May, David Cameron and Nick Clegg. Her blog supports initiatives and charities such as Women for Refugee Women, Daughters of Eve, No Women No Peace, and Counting Dead Women. In 2011 her blog became a hub of activism to prevent the deportation of a lesbian asylum seeker. 

As well as her blog, Sian has written about violence against women and rape culture for the New Statesman, the Independent, the Guardian and Everyday Victim Blaming.