Saqina Dario – Individual Award Nominee – 2004

Saqina Dario is a Sudanese refugee who fled South Sudan in 1993 to come to the UK. Saqina worked as a teaching assistant in Sudan but was also active in campaigning against female genital mutilation, and assisting women in rural areas to access help, support and education. Once Saqina arrived in the UK she set up a South Sudanese Women’s Group, and she was chair of this group for many years. The group supported South Sudanese Women but also had an important role in raising Refugee Women’s issues across refuge communities. The group is still active today. Saqina worked as FGM Programmes Co-coordinator in Sheffield, raising awareness of and campaigning against FGM. Following the birth of her child, she found a job working locally at Refugee Action in Leeds; she has continued in her own time to run workshops around FGM and spread awareness of this form of violence against women.