Nazmin Akthar – Individual Award Nominee – 2012

Nazmin became involved with Muslim Women’s Network UK, which works towards combating all forms of violence against women including domestic violence, forced marriages and sexual abuse and in November 2011 became a co-opted Board Member for MWN UK. At the same time she began writing for StretLaw on legal and cultural matters that negatively affect women, such as rape and honour killings. The popularity of her articles led to her appointment as Associate Editor of StretLaw in February 2012.

Nazmin has written on topics such as Islam and feminism, rape, honour killings and forced marriage with the aims of both changing attitude and changing policy.

Now a non-practising barrister, Nazmin continues to voluntarily help vulnerable women involved in the legal system. In recognition of all her hard work and campaigning for women’s rights and equality and diversity more generally, she was selected as an Olympic Torchbearer and ran with the flame in June 2012.