Nadia Siddiqui – Individual Award Nominee – 2006

Nadia is a founder member of Refuge Space for Asian Women. She has worked in the community for 30 years, supporting and working with Asian women experiencing domestic violence. She has done pioneering work around the abduction of children to Islamic states, and has managed to develop networks, both informal and formal, to try and secure the return of such children. Nadia also has an unswerving commitment to tackling issues of domestic violence: she was involved in the establishment of an Asian Women’s Refuge in Manchester, the setting up of a Young Asian Women’s Refuge in Manchester, and in organising and leading campaigns around Immigration and Domestic Violence. She has also mobilised women in the community to campaign against a specialised single sex school for young Asian women. Finally she has secured funding to work on a project that looks at the experience of Pakistani women asylum seekers and domestic violence.