Mothers of Sexually Abused Children (MOSAC) – Group Award Winner – 2007

MOSAC are a support organisation for non-abusing parents. The parents of children who have experienced sexual violence often feel that they are to blame, feel ashamed, and believe they should have realised what was happening. Whilst there is support available to children and young people who have experienced sexual violence, little attention is paid to the needs of their parents.

Two women in this position bonded together to create support, and created MOSAC 12 years ago. Since then they have supported over 600 women and their children through counselling, confidence building, and evening classes, and run a support service for young women who have been abused, in conjunction with a local domestic violence group. They have also trained women who have used the service to become volunteers and support other women.

Despite taking numerous referrals from statutory services, few, if any, give funding for the service MOSAC is providing. The group are largely unfunded, raising money through fundraising, small events and donations.