Low Newton Women’s Support Group – Group Award Nominee – 2006

The Low Newton Women’s Support Group came together to participate in a pilot programme – Partners for Protection – which was offered to women currently residing in Low Newton Prison who had suffered violence and abuse. The aim was to help women protect themselves and their children on their release from prison. All of these women, as children, lived with domestic violence; 90% of the women had been sexually abused as children. They had all suffered violence and abuse as adults and were trying to cope with the effects of this ongoing trauma. The women found the programme helpful and wanted to carry on meeting so that they could support each other; they also want to raise awareness and help other women who have suffered violence and abuse. They are currently trying to produce a book that would be available to other women to help combat isolation and feelings of guilt, self-blame and shame; something they all felt until they came together in a group. The group, which is unfunded, is facilitated by two workers from Barnado’s.