Kay Glynn – Individual Award Nominee – 2004

Over the past 30 years, Kay Glynn has devoted herself to assisting women experiencing domestic violence, empowering them to make their own decisions, raising awareness around this subject, and being an invaluable source of inspiration and support to the women she has worked for and with. She began working in this field as a refuge worker. Having witnessed the legal system’s appalling treatment of women, in 1982 she decided to study law, eventually becoming a family lawyer specialising in children and contact. Kay was one of the founders of Camden Women’s Aid, and as chair of their board, she was instrumental in assisting them in becoming the only refuge which owns its own property. She also co-founded Solas Anois, the only Irish refuge in England. In more recent times, her successful application to the legal services commission led to the creation of a free legal and advice service to women in Camden, which she now manages: a unique service which allows all women, including those with no access to public funds, to access legal help regarding domestic violence.