Jude Boyles – Individual Award Nominee – 2003

Jude started out many years ago working in women’s refuges and as a volunteer at Rape Crisis, before training as a counsellor. For the last eleven years she has worked within mental health services, and, within these services, tried to raise the profile of women and mental health issues. In recent years she has worked in London as a counsellor at the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture and Organised Violence, and is now the Coordinator of the NorthWest Medical Foundation. Throughout this time she has been a passionate and selfless campaigner around issues of rape and violence against women, and she carries this politics, insight and determined belief in the possibilities for change, into all the work that she undertakes, paid and voluntary. Her continued dedication to Justice for Women, Campaign to End Rape, and Truth About Rape, has proved inspirational to other women: she plays a vital role offering life-changing help and support, making a real difference to all of the lives she touches on.