Jennifer McDermott – Individual Award Nominee – 2009

Jennifer’s 19 year old daughter Cassie was murdered in 2001 by her ex-boyfriend. He was acquitted at trial; however in 2009 he was retried under the new double jeopardy law for Cassie’s case as well as the attempted murder of another young girl. He pled guilty and is now serving 2 life sentences. During the intervening years, Jennifer never gave up and campaigned constantly for justice. She set up a charity, the Cassandra Learning Centre (CLC), in memory of her daughter and the landmark trial paves the way for justice to be served in future cases. The CLC aims to educate young people about the dangers and realities of domestic violence. It also aims to work with parents who may be worried about their children’s relationships. Jennifer is an inspiration and her courage and determination to achieve justice are to be commended.