Jan Mcleod – Individual Award Nominee – 2005

Jan has been campaigning to end sexual violence towards women and children for more than 20 years, both in her paid and unpaid work. She is the founder and/or core member of a number of campaigning organisations in Scotland, including the dynamic and influential Glasgow Women’s Support Project. Jan has become increasingly known and respected for her work in both highlighting and seeking to eliminate the commercial sex industry in Scotland, which includes pornography, lap dancing clubs, stag parties and brothels and street prostitution. Jan’s concern for the women abused through this industry, as for those abused in intimate relationships, is noted by those whom she has supported, as well as colleagues. An effective government lobbyist, recently Jan was invited to become a member of an expert group set up by the Scottish Executive to investigate the ‘adult entertainment’ industry in Scotland. She is also a member of the SE committee on violence against women. Jan’s work, which is relatively ‘unsung’ has involved both supporting women and challenging infrastructures/individuals responsible for women’s subordination. She is tenacious and fearless in her pursuit of women’s liberation and equality; works well over and above the hours for which she is paid in her day job; has always, throughout her career, been involved in unpaid work and campaigning; is brave enough to take on the libertarians and the Christian right alike, where they seek to deny that violence against women is neither serious or as a result of male supremacy; and remains, always, the most approachable, warm and generous person. Jan is experienced in dealing with the media.