Helen Roytoff – Individual Award Nominee – 2011

Helen Roytoff, author of She Opened her Mouth But the Scream Was Silent was raped at knifepoint in her twenties. Despite being able to identify her rapist to the police, he was never prosecuted for her rape. 20 years later she was informed by the police that he was about to be tried for a series of brutal killings. She attended court and bore witness to the stories of the women who did not survive. Although Helen had spent much of the last 20 years dealing with the effects of the attack, attending the trial and bearing witness to the stories of those who did not survive forced her to accept that she was far from healed of her ordeal and indeed still suffering from PTSD. This led her to write her book, which deals with the causes, the effects and society’s attitudes to violence as well as her own path to healing.