Gill Hague – Special Award Winner – 2013

Gill has been involved in women’s activism – raising awareness, organising feminist conferences, and setting up the first refuges, rape crisis centres, and incest survivor groups. In 1990 she co-founded the Violence Against Women Research Group (now the Centre for Gender and Violence Research) that pioneered activist-based research and has become one of the world’s largest VAW research centres. She has led awareness-raising projects internationally, produced 120 publications (7 books, 5 practical guides, training manuals and programmes, activist materials & professional papers), and delivered training/awareness-raising for more than 25 years.

Gill has extended her impact internationally. She has researched ‘honour’-based violence in Iraqi Kurdistan, and this research has led to direct awareness-raising work with Kurdish women. She has also worked on transnational projects for raising awareness of VAW with Indian women, and worked on other awareness-raising projects around the world. She is recently retired.

She takes survivors into her home and runs unpaid awareness-raising projects.

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