Finn Mackay – Individual Award Winner – 2010

Since 1996, when she was 19, Finn Mackay has actively campaigned and worked against violence against women and girls, in her own time, as a student and as part of her paid work. She successfully revived the annual national Reclaim The Night marches and rallies in London, building participation from 30 women to over 2000 today.

As a youth worker, she supported and advised abused young women, and created re-housing policy for them. Her innovative work for Islington Education, writing schools’ and teacher training materials against domestic violence, won her a GLA award. A co-founder of the Feminist Coalition against Prostitution, she has gained national media coverage and considerable support on this issue.

Finn has voluntarily spoken, campaigned and contributed to national policy on all these issues, and her current PhD research into the interaction between feminist activism and policy-making will have far-reaching effects, both in ensuring abused women and girls gain the help and resources they need to make new lives, and in outlawing the male violence that confronts them.