Denise Marshall – Individual Award Nominee – 2003

Denise became Chief Executive of Eaves Housing in January 2000, having worked for almost 20 years in women’s organisations. The organisation provides supportive accommodation to individuals often perceived as belonging to an ‘undesirable’ social group, including ex-offenders, substance and alcohol abusers, those with mental health needs, survivors of child sexual abuse or domestic violence. In a remarkably short time, Denise has extend the work of the organisation to provide a direct services refuge for those fleeing domestic violence, and acquired funding for a project focussing on women and violence, which is fast becoming an authoritative research source. She has also been central to initiatives for supporting women who have been trafficked for sexual exploitation, including the Poppy project, providing a safe haven for women internationally who had been forced into prostitution in the UK. Eventually the Home Office began to take notice of this work, and have involved Denise in work to support this difficult-to-reach group. Her work, and that of the organisation she manages, has done much to support and empower women whose lives all-too-closely resemble that of Emma Humphreys.