Debra Jarrett – Individual Award Nominee – 2010

Debra works as a psychotherapist helping complex clients to untangle the different threads of the impact of rape and sexual violence. Whilst she helps all age groups she is passionate about talking with young people about the affects of rape and sexual violence. She believes that if she can encourage just one young person to reach out and seek the support that exists, then the time and effort she puts in is absolutely worth it. Both in work time and in her own time she goes into schools to interact with young people using her own personal experience to illustrate what is possible. Debra bravely shares own experiences, having battled with the effects of sexual violence since a young age. She has worked through her dissociation to become a highly trained psychotherapist. She continues to develop herself personally and professionally, and generously shares her knowledge with other professionals both at work and through speaking at conferences. Debra is fast becoming an expert on working with dissociation, particularly as a result of rape and sexual violence.