Corby Women’s Theatre Group – Group Award Nominee – 2006

Corby women’s refuge was closed in 2000. Since then, Corby Women’s Theatre Group, directed by Paula Boulton, has been active locally, raising the profile of the lack of facilities in the borough for victims and survivors of domestic violence. The theatre group has also raised funds towards the setting up costs of the planned new refuge. This year the group is working towards staging a new play by Paula: Women of Steel, illustrating the lives of women at a time when steel manufacturing was a major industry and employer in the town. As in their previous productions, domestic violence, an ever-present factor in women’s lives, is a theme of the play. Women’s enduring strength in the fact of adversity is another major theme. The theatre group is a community group which works hard to raise funds to finance productions which in turn help to raise the profile of domestic violence in a town where change is hard to bring about. In this context, the group provide thought-provoking and enlightening entertainment.