Clear Lines – Group Award Nominee – 2015

In July of 2015, Clear Lines curated and hosted the UK’s first-ever festival dedicated to talking about sexual assault and consent through the arts and discussion. Clear Lines was created by a group of women who work in the field of sexual assault or have experienced it themselves. They are all passionate about finding safe supportive ways to discuss rape and sexual violence to bring about a positive change .The festival brings together theatre performances, stand-up comedy, film screenings, spoken word, visual arts, multiple panel discussions, and creative workshops to look at consent, violence and rape through new lenses and to shift the conversation. Supported wholly by crowdsourced funds and run by dedicated volunteers the first festival has been an unmitigated success. More than 500 people attended the festival including over 60 professional artists and speakers. Attendees watched artistic showcases and engaging panel discussions on topics ranging from what men can do to help with the issue to how we can speak to children about sexual abuse. The public was also encouraged to participate in our Q&A sessions, creative workshops and pop-up art studios. Volunteer counselors and others supported them. Clear Lines generated significant press coverage on TV, radio, online, and print. This included TV interviews on Channel 4 News, London Live, radio interviews on the BBC, and print and online features with The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, Southwest Londoner, The Huffington Post, SheRa Mag, and other outlets and blogs.