Catherine McArevey – Individual Award Nominee – 2013

Catherine is a nurse who works to promote awareness of DV in Hertfordshire. She provides training, works in schools, community events, chairs a local domestic violence helpline, and is on a range of committees aimed at helping victims. She used to be paid for a few hours a week to co-ordinate the local response to DV, but during the last year she has also been studying full time to become a health visitor, as she recognises DV as a public health issue, and as a result has had to stop taking any salary for the work she does. She has organised the establishment of a Freedom programme in the area, organised activities for women in the local refuge, and arranged for DV training for all 77 county councillors, resulting in a significant change in their outlook.

Her work in Hertfordshire has been acknowledged by the police, the police authority, and the Chamber of commerce, amongst others.