Behind Closed Doors – Group Award Nominee – 2004

BCD has been nominated because of their outstanding work to raise awareness about domestic violence and challenge attitudes towards it in a rural area. BCD supports women experiencing domestic violence within communities, including suburbs, market towns, villages and outlying rural areas on the outskirts of Leeds and Bradford. The problems faced by women and children experiencing domestic violence in rural areas are compounded by isolation, limited access to services and transport, issues of confidentiality and anonymity in a close-knit community, and their plight is often overlooked by agencies that serve more densely populated urban areas. BCD has successfully worked to overcome these problems in resourceful and innovative ways. For 5 years the project was maintained on a voluntary basis by local women, dependent on small donations and grants, followed by a successful bid to the community fund, and a three year funded post of coordinator was created. They have continued to fight for women in remote areas in a variety of ways, through training and preventative education, and by promoting partnerships and multi-agency working.

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