Azar Majedi – Individual Award Nominee – 2007

Azar Majedi is an Iranian feminist writer, campaigner and activist. Born in Iran, Azar has spent a lifetime fighting gender inequality and dictatorial regimes in the country of her birth and beyond. In the late 1970s, she took part in demonstrations to oppose the restrictions the Islamic Republic placed upon women and played an active role in feminist academia and campaigning, writing and pamphlets championing women’s rights and translating international feminist texts into Farsi. Her political activism has often placed the lives of her and her family at risk. In 1982 she was forced to flee Iran, but continued to produce political radio programmes broadcast across the country, telling women about their human rights. She sought asylum in Europe in 1984. Since that time she has created and run feminist journals, co-founded the Centre for Women and Socialism, and created and launched the organisation for Women’s Liberation-Iran (OWL). She has also been working as a broadcaster to voice critique of misogynist ideology and values and to expose various aspects of women’s oppression via satellite TV. These programmes have been widely received by the public in Iran.