Ann Moulds – Individual Award Winner – 2011

In March 2009, Ann Moulds waived her anonymity and spoke out publically about her terrible experience of being the victim of a long and horrendous stalking campaign. For over two and a half years, a sadistic sexual predator waged a campaign of terror on her life and everything she had worked hard for was slowly destroyed. In order to gain a sense of safety, Ann was forced to relocate over 80 miles away. In doing so, she lost her business, her home, her friends and her family. Her case was classed as one of the worst recorded in Scottish History.

On 31st March 2009, Ann launched Action Scotland Against Stalking and spearheaded a media campaign to raise awareness of stalking to the general public and criminal justice agencies involved, to inform of the serious impact stalking has on its victims and to campaign for legislative change to recognise stalking as a crime in Scotland. Her efforts paid off and 13th of December 2010, stalking became a criminal offence in Scotland. In her role to raise awareness of the crime, Ann is also developing training packages to be delivered to police officers and other criminal justice professionals how to address stalking from a criminal justice perspective, while providing an appropriate response and support for the victims involved.

In June 2011, Ann launched the UK’s first national Stalking Group. It is the first of its kind in the UK and is comprised of key representatives from government organisations and agencies across Scotland. A remarkable woman, she has refused to let the years of threat and torment ruin her life. She is actively raising awareness of violence against women and her work has ensured that future victims of stalking will not suffer the same unawareness and lack of efficient response as she did.