Aisha Gill – Individual Award Nominee – 2011

Aisha Gill is an activist and researcher of considerable standing in the field of violence against women, with particular reference to black, minority ethnic and refugee (BMER) women. She works locally, nationally and internationally on these issues, including on forced marriage, FGM, sexual violence and ‘honour’-based violence. She has an international and national reputation for supporting survivors of violence and for campaigning and producing activist research for BMER women. She is currently a Senior Research Fellow at Roehampton University and also an active member of a wide range of activist and campaigning women’s groups across London and elsewhere. She is part of international networks and is currently working on ‘honour’-based violence in London, Iraqi Kurdistan and India. All of her work stems from an activist base and a strong commitment to work together with survivors of violence, and is aimed towards combating violence against women.