Nominees and Winners

Nominee Year Typesort descending Winner?
DeafHope 2012 Group Yes
Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights 2006 Group No
Behind Closed Doors 2004 Group No
Ending Victimisation and Blame (EVB) 2014 Group Yes
Derby Women's Centre 2012 Group No
The Knowle West Domestic Abuse Project 2006 Group No
Southall Black Sisters 2004 Group No
Women Seeking Sanctuary Advocacy Group Wales (WSSAG Wales) 2010 Group Yes
ACCM (UK) 2014 Group No
Nottinghamshire Domestic Violence Forum (NDVF) 2012 Group No
Low Newton Women’s Support Group 2006 Group No
The Muslim Women’s Welfare Association 2004 Group No
YWAVE 2014 Group No
Protection Against Stalking 2012 Group No
UNIFEM in London 2006 Group No
Refugee Women’s Resource Project 2004 Group No
Safe Space 2008 Group No
Franki 1999 Group Yes
Standing Together Against Domestic Violence 2012 Group No
UNISON (Northern Ireland) Women’s Committee 2006 Group No
Eighteen & Under 2008 Group No
Restored 2012 Group No
Walsall Domestic Forum 2006 Group No
South Essex Rape & Incest Crisis Centre 2003 Group Yes
Newham Asian Women’s Project (NAWP) 2008 Group No
Rights of Women 2012 Group No
Women & Girls Network 2006 Group No
Until the Violence Stops (Tender) 2008 Group No
Safeguarding Children in Education (SCiE) 2008 Group No
SODASA Project 2005 Group Yes
Apna Haq 2008 Group No
The Foundation for Women’s Health Research & Development (FORWARD) 2008 Group No
Mothers of Sexually Abused Children (MOSAC) 2007 Group Yes
Prakcash 1999 Group No
The Domestic Violence Support Service, Brent 2005 Group No
Ashiana Network 2010 Group No
Warrington Women’s Group 1999 Group No
Derby Women’s Centre 2005 Group No
The Bridge Project, Lliw Valley Women's Aid 2010 Group No
Women & Girls Network 2003 Group No
Rape Crisis (England & Wales) 2010 Group No
Abusing the Issue 2001 Group No
The Poppy Project 2004 Group Yes
Women Moving Forward 2010 Group No
Calderdale Women’s Centre Domestic Violence Support Project 2001 Group No
Scottish Women Against Pornography 2002 Group Yes
Cleveland & Redcar Rape Crisis - Kay Davies and Helen Danks 2007 Group No
OBJECT 2009 Group Yes
Scottish Women Against Pornography 2001 Group No
The Iranian & Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation (IKWRO) 2007 Group No
Sutton Women’s Aid 2001 Group No
The Maya Centre 2007 Group No
Women in Secure Hospitals 2001 Group No
The Glasgow Women's Support Project 2007 Group No
The Haven Way 2013 Group No
Kalayaan 2000 Group Yes
The Refugee Women's Resource Project 2006 Group Yes
Open Clasp Theatre Company 2013 Group Yes
Restored 2013 Group No
Crime and Disorder Task Group 2002 Group No
Help, Advice and the Law Team 2002 Group No
Paws for Kids 2009 Group No
Million Women Rise Coalition 2011 Group No
Mothers of Sexually Abused Children 2002 Group No
Trust 2009 Group No
Open Clasp Theatre Company 2011 Group No
The Phoenix Group 2002 Group No
SEEDS 2011 Group No
Support and Survival 2002 Group No
Ashiana Network 2006 Group No
Women Asylum Seekers Together (WAST) 2008 Group Yes
Smile, You're Beautiful (PEEK Project) 2011 Group Yes
Enough is Enough 2001 Group Yes
Break the Silence: Stop the Violence 2006 Group No
Corby Women’s Theatre Group 2006 Group No
Daughters of Eve 2012 Group No
Deaf Women Against Violence & WISE Women 2006 Group No
Christine Casey 2001 Individual No
Maryam Namazie 2008 Individual No
Finn Mackay 2010 Individual Yes
Mairead Tagg 2000 Individual No
Anne Clarke 2001 Individual No
Monica Hill 2008 Individual No
Cecilia Whitehorn 2000 Individual No
Norma H Duncan 2001 Individual No
Sue Lambert 2008 Individual No
Naseem Shah 1999 Individual Yes
Gillian Finch 2001 Individual No
"Catherine" 2010 Individual No
Davina James Hanman 2001 Individual No
Shahidah Janjua 2003 Individual Yes
Hannah Austin 2010 Individual No
Ruth Bundy 1999 Individual No
Polly Hart 2001 Individual No
Cath Elliott 2010 Individual No
Diana Butler 1999 Individual No
Susan King 2001 Individual No
Alice Anson 2003 Individual No
Debra Jarrett 2010 Individual No
Efna Graham 1999 Individual No
Patricia Holmes 1999 Individual No
Jill Page 2012 Individual No
Catriona Laird 2001 Individual No
Pauline Campbell 2005 Individual Yes
Jude Boyles 2003 Individual No
Laurie Matthew 2010 Individual No
Professor Liz Kelly 1999 Individual No
Julie Rimington 2012 Individual No
Laurie Matthew 2001 Individual No
Denise Marshall 2003 Individual No
Rebecca Mott 2010 Individual No
Sandra McNeill 1999 Individual No
Natalie Collins 2012 Individual No
"Linda" 2001 Individual No
Narina Anwar 2005 Individual No
Janet Owen 2003 Individual No
Clare Sambrook 2010 Individual No
Indira Patel OBE 1999 Individual No
Nazmin Akthar 2012 Individual No
Aileen McDermott 2001 Individual No
Jan Mcleod 2005 Individual No
Maggie Parks 2003 Individual No
Suswati Basu 2007 Individual Yes
Linda Thompson 2010 Individual No
Hannana Siddiqui 1999 Individual No
Nimco Ali 2012 Individual No
Monica O’Connor 2001 Individual No
Jacqui Nasuh 2005 Individual No
Julia Wassell 2003 Individual No
Jo Wood 2010 Individual No
Rebecca Mott 2012 Individual No
Anne Pridmore 2001 Individual No
Andrea Williams 2003 Individual No
Mende Nazer 2007 Individual No
Sheila Fairhurst 2012 Individual Yes
Dr Sara Scott 2001 Individual No
Gail Thompson 2003 Individual No
Azar Majedi 2007 Individual No
Fiona Broadfoot 1998 Individual Yes
Shereen Lincoln 2012 Individual No
Dr Wagiha Syeda 2001 Individual No
Margaret Kennedy 2004 Individual Yes
Claire Moore 2007 Individual No
Cath Elliott 2011 Individual No
Zohra Moosa 2012 Individual No
Kirsten Summers 2002 Individual Yes
Safina Siddique 2007 Individual No
Leigh Forster 2011 Individual No
Jane Gregory 2013 Individual Yes
Sandra McNeill 2009 Individual Yes
Catherine McArevey 2013 Individual No
Saqina Dario 2004 Individual No
Al Garthwaite 2002 Individual No
Fiona Elvines 2013 Individual No
Joy Etheridge 2004 Individual No
Aisha Gill 2011 Individual No
Lily Greenan 2002 Individual No
Patricia Byrne 2009 Individual No
Colleen McCrystal 2011 Individual No
Laurie Matthew 2002 Individual No
Laurie Matthew 2009 Individual No
Sonja Freebody 2013 Individual No
Nazand Bezikhani 2000 Individual Yes
Rebecca Mott 2011 Individual No
Sandra McNeill 2002 Individual No
Comfort Momoh 2006 Individual Yes
Jennifer McDermott 2009 Individual No
Helen Roytoff 2011 Individual No
Donna Reid 2002 Individual No
Kirsty Mellor 2009 Individual No
Pippa Simpson 2011 Individual No
Rio Vella 2002 Individual No
Sue George 2006 Individual No
Chloe Moss 2009 Individual No
Donna Bradly 2000 Individual No
Jo Wood 2011 Individual No
Davina James-Hanman 2006 Individual No
Kim Young 2009 Individual No
Helen Grindrod QC 2000 Individual No
Ann Moulds 2011 Individual Yes
Laurie Matthew 2006 Individual No
Annette Hewis 2000 Individual No
Nadia Siddiqui 2006 Individual No
Irene Ivison 2000 Individual No
Claudia Ferreira da Silva 2006 Individual No
Pippa Simpson 2006 Individual No
Sabrina Qureshi 2008 Individual Yes
"Annie" 2014 Individual Yes
Bobbie McNeirney 2000 Individual No
"Sana" 2014 Individual Yes
Carolyne Noble 2000 Individual No
Anne Ward 2001 Individual Yes
Anna Ditta 2014 Individual No
Pragna Patel 2000 Individual No
Fran Fox 2004 Individual No
Jill Radford 2008 Individual No
Onjali Rauf 2014 Individual No
Julie Riding 2000 Individual No
Arlene Aitchison 2001 Individual No
Kay Glynn 2004 Individual No
Julia Tant 2008 Individual No
Kate Smurthwaite 2014 Individual No
Sara Swann 2000 Individual No
SPACE International 2014 International Yes
Koinadugu Women's Advocacy Network (KWAN) International 2014 International Yes
Feminist Dalit Organisation 2011 International Yes
Stígamót 2010 Special Yes
Samira Bellil 2004 Special Yes
Fiona Mactaggart MP 2009 Special Yes
Gill Hague 2013 Special Yes
Helen Grindrod QC 2000 Special Yes
Davina James-Hanman 2014 Special Yes
Southall Black Sisters 2008 Special Yes
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) 2001 Special Yes
Leyla Hussein 2011 Special Yes

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