Emma Humphreys Prive Giving 2015

Thank you to all the women who came to our awards ceremony at the Feminism in London conference on the 25th of October, and thank you to all our amazing nominees!

This year we received such amazing nominations that the judges decided to give two individual awards - one to Gabriella Gillespie, author of A Father's Betrayal and one to Cath Elliot, a trade unionist and journalist whose writing focuses on male violence against women. 

2015 Emma Humphreys Shortlist

The nominees for this year's Emma Humphreys prize have been announced. Join us at Feminism in London on the 25th October to find out who the winners are. The nominations for this year's individual award focus on women who have challenged male violence against women through their writing.

Individual award nominees:

Sharon Bryan - Sharon is a survivor and a domestic violence advocate and consultant. She has written about her experiences in the book 'Getting Out' (ed. Caroline Jory et al.) She also campaigns around the issue of domestic violence.

2014 Awards

2014 marks the second year of the EHMP awards being presented at the Feminism in London conference.

The prizes were awarded in the final session of the conference, following a full day of feminist workshops and activities. 

"Sana", one of our Individual Award winners onstage with members of WAST as they sang to the conference: 

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